Review: Biodanza in Gardens

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Biodanza with Lisa Firer

I wish I could remember all the wise things Lisa Firer said in her Biodanza Open Class. The dancing itself took me on a powerful journey which has left me feeling on top of the world but slightly amnesiac.  I guess that just proves that Biodanza gets you out of your head and into your body!

In Biodanza there are 5 lines of potential (“vivencias”):  creativity, affectivity, transcendence, sensuality and vitality.  The theme for the evening’s class was creatitivity.   Lisa opened the class by saying that we are all creators.  Our bodies are musical instruments with which we compose our day & our life.  As in music, it’s where you put the emphasis that makes all the difference.  I particularly liked this thought.

After the opening circle Lisa invited us to ‘take a walk of life’.  No matter what obstacles life places before us, there’s always the possibility of moving forward.  Then she asked us to walk with someone else.  This ‘dance’ symbolised being able to tune into another and meeting life together.  Lisa said her teacher described this exercise as “an act of activism”.

We then did a number of dances (each the length of a single music track), symbolically tuning into our hearts, our bodies & the earth.    And then we were invited to dance our intention for our lives – to Beethoven.  I LOVED IT!!!!  From there we moved to more interior dances and a final sharing of that interior space with another before the closing circle.

The overall tone of the class was positive, uplifting and affirming.  Lisa’s facilitation emphasizes what’s good & whole in each of us.  She emphasizes the possibility of beauty in life and in the world.

I would recommend Lisa’s Biodanza class to anyone needing kindness & positivity in their lives and who would like to find a gentle, non-threatening way to be more ‘in their bodies’.  Biodanza will certainly encourage you to love & appreciate your body!
Biodanza would interest those dancers who are looking for meaningful movement and who are interested in the psycho-spiritual dimension of movement.

More about the classes:

These classes are alternately facilitated by Lisa Firer and Shumi Chimombe
Contact:   Lisa  0825587106         OR  Shumi 0721922261
Time: 7 – 8:15 pm.
Venue: Ballet Studio St Cyprians Pre-School (School in the Woods),   Gorge Road, Gardens
Cost: R70 per session.


Biodanza is a system of human development, created by the Chilean anthropologist, poet, philosopher Prof Rolando Toro Araneda, which has spread from South American to Europe, UK, Japan, USA and South Africa.

It uses music and movement to a create positive environment in which to activate joy of living, experience yourself more fully and open to others and Life. It increases the capacity for pleasure, play, creativity and heart-centred living. There are no steps to follow, nothing to get right. The facilitator guides participants through the class, but the movement is your own.
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Review by Angelique
March 2012 



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One Response to “Review: Biodanza in Gardens”

  1. Heleen du Toit 15. Feb, 2013 at 11:47 am

    What a beautiful description of a Biodanza class, Angelique! I look forward to welcoming you to our Biodanza class at Erin Hall, Rondebosch too!